Prayer Resolution


At Immerse, we believe "healthy" begins by giving our heart an unhindered voice before God. Past wounds, traumas, distortions, sins, denial, unhealthy patterns, and shame can prevent us from living a powerful life from the heart. Cast off all restraints! We use the powerful tool of Prayer Resolution to help the believer heal and forgive fully from their heart. From such a place, intimacy with God is deepened; the heart is ready for full partnership with the Spirit and our Heavenly Father can work fully in us to set us free to pursue Him. This is how we become everything He created us to be.

 We believe that God has answers for all problems we face in life, but it often requires a specific application of what Christ has accomplished in order to experience full resolution.

Prayer Resolution is the ministry tool that we use to help heal past wounds, traumas, distortions and sins. As our community pursues both spiritual maturity and effectiveness in ministry, many find that their past baggage cannot remain hidden any longer. Immerse uses the Prayer Resolution ministry tool to supplement the work of both our other tracks, helping believers put off old, unhealthy ways and put on new.

We offer 3-hour Prayer Resolution sessions to Immerse participants, members of Substance Church and the global Body of Christ. Our goal is to pray through the Hurting One’s entire life (60-80hrs worth of sessions on average).

We have seen marriages saved, stability found, demonic torment cast out, peace restored, and identity established.

Not only do we conduct Prayer Resolution sessions, but we are committed to increasing our capacity by training more Resolution Ministers. We offer a basic Forgiveness Class regularily as an introductory course on the basic how-to's of this essential practice. We also regularly teach a 45-hr class on the full principles of Prayer Resolution. In addition to the 45hr class, all Resolution Ministers must go through their entire lives using the Prayer Resolution tool and train along side a more experience Resolution Minister.


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Executive Director, Nathan Banker, has written a book on forgiveness based on the principles of Prayer Resolution and is available to purchase online. Click here to view.