Do you want to share in this ministry?

  1. Financial Supporters
    Immerse staff are completely funded through donors like you. They are missionaries, worthy of their pay. Supporting our staff financially creates long-term financial, emotional, and spiritual sustainability that will allow us to bring who God has created us to be and act on everything He has called us to do for the long-haul. We cannot do this alone and we need people to join our team.

    $50 pays for an hour of Prayer Resolution for someone who would otherwise be unable to donate. Consider donating to the Prayer Resolution so that we can continue to expand our capacity to help believers heal in deep and significant ways.

    If you have experienced our Heavenly Father's life-changing power through Immerse or Prayer Resolution, consider donating on a monthly basis to help us accomplish the mission that burns our hearts.

    Our annual budget for 2016 was $75,000. See more here.

    Click here to donate. For more information about our finances email

  2. Donate tools
    Current needs:
    x3 Full-sized iPads for Prayer Resolution session notes, teaching notes, and meetings.
    x3 Macbooks for general office/admin work.
    Video Camera for recording teachings and making promo/testimonial videos.
  3. Prayer Partners
    We need people who will not only say they will pray for us. We need people who will actually pray. This mission needs intentional, focused prayer support. This team needs you backing them in prayer. These wounded ones need spiritual covering and protection. Please connect with so that we can get you plugged into our prayer network.
  4. Resolution Ministers and Forgiveness Coaches
    Would you like to become a volunteer or pastoral Resolution Minister? Or perhaps get trained as a Forgiveness Coach? Consider being trained and joining us. Email us to find out when our next class is. Connect with Nate, our Prayer Resolution Lead to learn more.