Applications are now being accepted for those who will be joining our community in May. Please click the banner at the top of the page to apply or click here.

Applications are due by midnight, May 7th.
The group launches on May 17th.

Program fee: $100 (May-Oct)
Financial partners of $50/mth or more are exempt from program fees.

Why a "closed" group and applications?
Great question!

  1. We are very intentional to create a space where vulnerability is a safe as possible. Many of us share some deep, dark, and scary parts of our past as well as deep, exciting, and scary dreams of our future. Whenever you bring your heart to the table, there's lots of risk involved. In order for us to be fully seen and fully loved, we maintain a closed group with set intervals where new people can join us.
  2. Applications are a great way for the leaders to get to know you and start a conversation with God about your participation with the community even before you get here! It is also an incentive for some NOT to join who are not willing to put in a bit of work. Being vulnerable and wholehearted in a community setting always takes hard work. It is messy and can get ugly at times, but it is worth it. We intentionally want others who see community as worth hard work.
    (We are not, in any way, looking for reason to "weed out" those who aren't spiritual enough, experienced enough, or "holy" enough.)