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  • 316 Brookview Parkway South
  • Golden Valley, MN, 55426
  • United States

Bullet point version:

  • Hear from our executive director, Nate Banker. 
    New initiative: Defeating unresolved pain in your ministry.

  • Connect with someone who has been personally impacted by Immerse. 

  • Bid on your favorite item at the silent auction, buy a t-shirt, or write a check.

  • Discover how you can help make Immerse successful - through financial support, joining our team, or hosting a training.

  • Eat food. It's the least we can do in light of your generosity, love, and support.

Over-dramatic-story version:

Once upon a time there was a non-profit (Hero) that was transforming lives and healing hearts. It was said by many in the land that such wholeness, restoration, and connection was but a myth. Yet, it was so. 

In opposition, there arose The Rouge (Bad Guy) whose will was set against our heroes. His poison was Self Reliance and his fruit was Unsustainability and Discouragement.

But fear not. There also arose a league of extraordinary humans (You) who set their faces against The Rogue and, through connection and generosity, smote his ruin upon the earth (Battle).

Immerse was, on that day, born anew (Victory). With allies aplenty they set forth to rescue the hearts of humanity through transformative discipleship, inner healing, mentorship and connection with God Himself. And henceforth it was so.


Doors open at 5:30pm
Dinner at 6:30pm
Leave my 8:00pm

Dress: Business Casual
No childcare available.



  • Silent Auction
  • Dinner
  • Key-note
  • Table host story
  • Executive Director's vision

For more infomation contact:

Nate Banker

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