Spiritual Warfare

Satan's ultimate goal in any type of spiritual warfare is to beat to you down and make you vulnerable to the point where you agree with him and his lies...

Hearing God's Voice

What if hearing God's voice is something for all believers?

How to Respond to a Story of Hurt

Hearing someone's story of hurt can be uncomfortable and it's very tempting to try to solve that discomfort with advice. Our need to "fix" can actually do damage to the heart at these moments.

Holy Spirit

Processing the element of the Holy Spirit's personhood, trustworthiness, and... how do we interact with someone/something that feels so intangible?

Faith and Healing

A short discussion about faith and healing before jumping into "hotseat" prayer for multiple people at Immerse.

Daring Greatly Book Discussion Chapters 1-4

Community Discussion around the book "Daring Greatly" by Brene Brown. Here we discuss vulnerability, trust, and shame, topics outlined in chapters 1-4 of the book.

Jesus as Lord

What is implied when we interact with Jesus as "Lord"? What assumptions do we bring into that role-relationship that must be faced and, perhaps, confronted. What kind of Lord is He, really?

God as Father - Part 1

What does it mean to call God "Father?" What do we bring with us to that term? What is God really like as a Father?