This has been a summer of events for me...

Wedding. Welcome to the family Emily!

Camping Trips. Way too much junk food, but the kiddos actually slept a little bit, so that’s good.

Canoe Trips. Dragging two boys floating in the river behind your canoe is like paddling against an anchor. #painful #amimoving?

Networking Fundraiser. I am completely overwhelmed with how generous the people in my life are.

Forgiveness Coach trainings. I am deeply passionate about getting help tools into the hands of normal, everyday Christians to help each other face and heal from long-held pain. (No Pictures, sorry)

Popup Think Tank. This one hasn’t happened yet, so I’m hoping it’s going to be awesome. I’m really looking forward to people’s perspective and insight in areas like marketing, partner development, and system development! Click here if you're interested in attending.