I had a dream a while back. I was at an event with a bunch of big-wig business folk. Lots of fancy suits and the air smelled of generosity. There was a facilitator hosting us from the stage, focusing on the importance of supporting small ministries. Each table had a representative from a different small ministry. I was at one of the tables. When I started sharing the vision and dreams of Immerse, the people at my table started connecting with the heart of Immerse on a profound level. Suddenly I was having a personal, in-depth conversation with two men while a third man was writing me a check across the table. I woke up.

It was one of those dreams where you wonder if it was just a dream or something more substantial. I think it was more substantial. It had that divine taste to it. Ever since then I have been looking for ways to make more connections and expand my network. Somehow, I think this is critical to Immerse’s long-term success and sustainability.

In addition to networking, we have been doing a lot of hard work in marketing and branding, as well as a significant amount of time and creative energy poured into telling the story of Immerse (we are using Storybrand, for all you marketing geeks). We are finding a lot of clarity being able to concisely communicate who we are and what we do. I am currently redesigning our website which I hope to launch later this summer (imagine an interactive, “Choose Your Own Adventure” book in website form).

Our services pricing structure is being re-evaluated and we hope to create better sustainable systems in-house so that we don’t depend so exclusively on donations. We have created better systems for our Prayer Resolution sessions which will increase our monthly income (in addition to being able to do more sessions per month with the additional help we’ve gotten lately). We have re-launched our Forgiveness Training and added a 4-week Forgiveness Coaching training which we anticipate will bring in an additional $1,000 each time we teach it. Later this month we will announce an initiative to export the amazing content that God has been developing within our hearts over the last 6 years and get these tools into the hands of people beyond the Immerse community. Keep your ears open for more about that in the future.

All in all, I am excited about the new things happening and the hope of well-established sustainability and growth on the horizon. We’re doing the work we know to do in preparation for the things that God seems to bringing our way. Thank you for your support and your prayer.