Two months ago Mel and I we sitting in a staff meeting and suddenly realized that we really wanted to start doing Prayer Resolution again. We’ve not been able to do hardly any session for the last six months and it was taking its toll on our community. It makes so much of a difference when people in our community are actively experiencing breakthrough, healing, and resolution. Suddenly our “waiting list” of people wanting Prayer Resolution sessions exploded. It was almost as if God wasn’t sending people to us when we weren’t able to do sessions and as soon as we decided to start back up he had a backlog of folks ready for some healing.

We were swamped with requests. We couldn’t meet all the need.

Then something happened. Vulnerability, courage, and brilliance combined into a catalytic mixture and suddenly we had two people starting at Immerse as Prayer Resolution interns.
I would like to introduce Mary and Mark.

Mary has been part of our Wednesday night community for two years now. Her first exposure to Immerse, however, was through Prayer Resolution. She is currently being mentored through the 50-hour training and has quite a bit of personal experience with Prayer Resolution. Over the next year she is hoping to complete the internship and see what kind of place Prayer Resolution could have in her life/ministry.

Mark reluctantly joined Immerse a few years ago at the recommendation of a friend. He quickly heard about Prayer Resolution and now regrets not going through the process sooner. His conclusion came naturally and confidently when I asked him about his experience going through Prayer Resolution for himself. “I should have done this years ago.” Mark is currently working part time and is looking to fast-track his internship so that he can start doing Prayer Resolution as a full Resolution Minister as soon as possible.

As need and demand rose, God seems to have somehow orchestrated time, schedules, and people in such a way to make one of the biggest movements forward in our Prayer Resolution division of Immerse. We are really excited about this year and what God is enabling us to do.


MEET MARK. “Hey, I’m excited to be a Prayer Resolution intern with Immerse! The biggest reason I want to do PR is because I love seeing people be free to walk in the fullness of who God has created them to be. Some fun facts about me: I enjoy getting out on my motorcycle in the summer and I also enjoy camping.”


MEET MARY. “Why, hello there! I can't wait to immerse (wink) myself in Prayer Resolution. Going through PR myself years ago began a beautiful journey of authenticity, wholeness and finally feeling like my mind, heart and body are good. I am very passionate about fuzzy socks. I could definitely survive on a desert island with puppies, my yoga mat, a good book and unlimited (self-refilling) fruit salad.”