Once upon a time (2012), Immerse was a mentoring/discipleship small group at a local church. There were 6 mentees and 2 mentors. Then, a year later, there were 45 people enrolled over the course of the summer, all paying small fees to cover the costs of snacks and guest speaker gifts. After consulting the experts (here’s looking at you, Bob Rampi), Immerse decided to become a non-profit to handle funds as responsibly and ethically as possible.

Since 2013 Immerse has strategically sought out experts and mentors in fundraising, business management, leadership development, and accounting. We are learning quickly and continue to grow towards making Immerse the best it can be because people are worth it. They’re worth our time, our mentorship, and all the energy and love needed as we journey into healing.

My hope and goal for 2018 (and beyond) is to build a team of well-trained experts who know how to minister to lost and broken hearts, who bring the kingdom with fierce gentleness and follow the Holy Spirit as he guides them in restoration.

To that end, I’m excited to announce that Immerse now has designated “scholarship” Prayer Resolution (PR) sessions. By offering a set amount of sessions paid for through the generosity of our partners, we will be able to continue to tell people to “come regardless of your ability to pay.”

Accessibility of healing is a priority. This model will also ensure our Resolution Ministers will be earning a sustainable wage at the end of the month. As we make these changes, we anticipate adding additional trained Resolution Ministers to Immerse’s PR program. Currently, there is a waitlist of 10+ people waiting for sessions and we continue to receive referrals weekly. More Resolution Ministers will allow more people options to take advantage of these life-changing sessions.

If you are interested in learning more about Immerse’s business practices, how to become a fiercely gentle restorer, or how to partner with us, give me a holler! I’d love to connect.