Banker Family Update

A lot has happening in the Banker family this summer. River took her first step at 10 months old. Isaac started pre-school (Eeek!) Silas and Isaac got their first bee/wasp stings (with resulting ice cream celebrations). Michelle has started a part-time babysitting gig. Nate has been running Immerse solo most of the summer (it’s okay because it has resulted in really good coffee and company). We have paid off our mini-van and put some money to keep the Corolla running strong.

A few weeks ago we had some good friends treat us to a weekend away at a lakehouse outside of Duluth. Our two families have kids similarly aged and everyone got along so well together (thankfully, since it rained most of the weekend and we were all stuck inside with each other). We did all the vacation things. Marshmallows, board games, Tobies donuts, swimming, eating sand, leech-removal, Finding Dory, good food, drawbridge/boat watching, and someone even got pooped on by a bird! It was a glorious break for both families and hopefully the start of an annual tradition.

This month, Nate is picking up quite a few days doing construction. With Mel being out of the office due to the concussion, we have been unable to do any Prayer Resolution sessions. We didn’t foresee the financial impact this would have on Immerse and we need a bit of catch-up time (many people give in response to this ministry). In order to keep Immerse going, Nate is planning on reassigning roughly 60 hours of his work time from Immerse to carpentry in September.

In general, we feel like our life is fairly well balanced. We’re handling the challenges and stressors like we’re adults or something. We have a very full life and often find ourselves talking in amazement at how great everything is. We wouldn’t choose any other way of living.