A couple weeks ago a storm front was moving over my area and the weather forecast was showing a high likelihood of severe storms with more than an inch of rain predicted. I prayed that it wouldn’t happen and was astonished when the forecast went from 90% to 20% . . .and then not a drop.

I made a note of it. Because it feels incredibly important to remember the answered prayers. I know this belief - that prayer actually changes anything - is fiercely opposed by the enemy. There is a lot for him to win if we never ask God for anything.

There is a lot for him to win if we never tell God what is really going on in our heart.  

I heard a story of a woman who prayed for her son to come back to the Lord for years. When asked why she kept praying with no apparent effect, she responded: “I would not want to meet my Lord knowing I refused to talk with Him about a deep burden in my soul. I think it brings Him great pleasure when I open my heart to Him and trust Him to do whatever He knows best. I want much else, but I want nothing more.”

The beauty and simplicity of her response struck me and made me question my own way of doing prayer. How often do I refuse, or forget, to talk to my Heavenly Father about my own heart-burdens?

I also often forget to talk to Him about my dreams or desires, however large or small.

A while ago, I mentioned to a friend something that I would love to happen, knowing there was an incredibly unlikely chance it ever would. I never mentioned this desire to God. Honestly, I never even thought about it. It felt small. Insignificant. Unimportant.

So, when the stars magnificently aligned to open the door for that thing to happen (in a way that I had no doubt God was involved somehow), I was amazed. But I was also a little ashamed that I never told God directly I wanted this to happen.

Like the woman in the story, I, too, don’t want to meet God having carried much of my heart in shadow. I don’t want God to have to eavesdrop on a conversation with a friend to know what is really going on in my heart.

So whenever I feel complacency stirring in my soul in my conversations with God, I relentlessly push forward, clinging to the belief that He hears me. That He cares. That He sees me.

Because, even doing this seemingly small thing is a huge part of the battle, regardless of the outcome.