It is Christy’s month to be featured in our newsletter’s “Staff Update,” but at the moment she is trying to feed one newborn while Jeff is discovering the wonder of meconium (click at your own risk!) on the other. That’s right! The baby twin girls are here! So, on their behalf, Nate is writing this update and has the joy of introducing you to the newest members of the Immerse family: Grace Willow and Eden Hope. Born Sunday, June 23rd.

If you haven’t had a chance to meet Christy yet, she came on staff at Immerse part time in the spring of 2016, moved into full-time status that summer and was leading our Wednesday night community that winter when she suddenly got sick… which turned out to be morning sickness! That joy was multiplied (literally) weeks later when they discovered two humans in the womb. Christy had one of the most difficult pregnancies I’ve ever heard of and has walked through it all like the warrior and victor she is. She has already become a master at fighting for her heart in the midst of hardship, wrestling for her girls in prayer (who showed signed of wanting to be born WAY too early), and battling to remember her own identity and theirs.

Some of the best things in life also happen to be the things that require the hardest struggle. Kids are the obvious object lesson, but the not-so-obvious is the wholeness of our hearts. Christy’s commitment to her own heart-health through this journey is an example worth following.

Grace and Eden, you are so worth it! We welcome you into the Family. You are valuable beyond measure. You are worthy of our love, pain, and commitment. You are amazing and nothing you do or don’t do will ever change that.