"Faith is trusting God enough to obey what He has said, and hope is having the confidence that God will do everything He has promised. On pushes you; the other pulls you. They lead you into the wonder of experiencing divine moments. But without question, in between faith and hope, there is risk.” - Erwin McManus, Chasing Daylight

This spring has been a crash course on sitting in the tension of risk. Risk isn’t just climbing mountains or going on that one mission trip. Mostly, I find risk means giving up my need to "make things happen” and let God have room to move.

Three months ago a family member encountered life-threatening medical issues and then my car died, after which I thought I need to get a second job. Then I found out I needed a new place to live, and no prospects were on the horizon. My brain started yelling, “All the things are going wrong! Quick! Fix the the things!“

After praying about it, I resolved to get comfortable in the tension. Great idea. I’ll let you know if it ever happens. But it did get easier. The more I allowed my heart to connect to God, the more peace flooded my heart.

It's a strange thing to be at peace and wildly uncomfortable at the same time. I’m so grateful for God’s care, and for the the opportunity to experience the divine moments McManus talks about. I’m finding rest in the midst of packing, spending time with family and friends, and painting. I’m finding rest in the tension. Risk seems...less risky somehow when I’m with Him.

Additional Update: Since Mel wrote this, she was in a car accident (note her opening sentence above…she’s prophetically punny and she didn’t even know it!). The damage to her car is more than her car is worth and she is currently without a vehicle. At the moment, that isn’t too much of a problem since she has been ordered to lie on her bed in a dark room and avoid as much stimulation as possible. She has been diagnosed with a concussion and her symptoms are persistent. She will need to take upwards of six weeks off of work to recover. If you are interested in helping her directly with car and living expenses, click here to visit her GoFundMe page.