There was a couple who had served God in the mission field in a “closed” country for six years. They were burned out and their marriage was on the verge of divorce. Before they moved forward with separation, they were sent to Virginia to work with people who had developed a ministry tool called Prayer Resolution. These people, Richard and Connie Smith, spent four months of their lives helping those two. Four months investing into two people doesn’t sound like a good return on investment to most, but I can’t think of a better one. It is continuing to pay out dividends to this day - my parents were those burned out missionaries. Now, the broken have become the healers. Although Immerse owes so much to so many who have valued the call of God on our ministry, Immerse literally wouldn’t exist if someone hadn’t decided a single couple was worth four months of their lives.

This story perfectly illustrates the culture and DNA of Immerse. Immerse is not at the place where we are impacting thousands or even hundreds of people at a time. We know, however, that by significantly impacting one or two people, we will change the world. The exponential impact of those two people is immeasurable. Every person Immerse has impacted, challenged, helped heal, or taught are the fruit of an investment into two people, my parents.

But, what does it take for Immerse to do what it does?

  • Immerse's annual target budget for 2017 is $97,000.

  • $65,500 goes directly to programs and ministry. This includes our Wednesday night community, Prayer Resolution ministry and training, Group/Individual mentoring, and Pastoral Care.

  • $31,500 will be spent on admin and overhead this year. Honestly, this number doesn’t make us super happy. we would rather be spending far less on overhead and spending far more on programs and ministry. Due to the start-up nature of where we are right now, we find ourselves spend a lot more time and resources working on the ministry instead of working in the ministry. This is a critical stage as we seek to establish systems and foundations that will set the stage for healthy ministry and growth over the next 15 years.

  • Immerse community is a hinge pin of our ministry. It is the central connection point and the initial exposure to the deep things of God and the heart that define our culture. It costs us $17,000 annually to run our Wednesday night community.

  • Our Training and Discipleship program is the key to continued growth and health. This is where we intentionally and systematically invest into one to four individuals at a time, infusing solid identity concepts, heart-health, and connection with God. We give them the tools that have been given to us and so continue the legacy of exponential growth through a narrow focus. Group mentoring alone cost $7,500/year. Add in the immense scope of one-on-one pastoral care we engage in on a regular basis and it is another $10,000.

  • Prayer Resolution has significantly set the stage for everything that happens at Immerse. Here we meet 2-on-1 with those who are ready and willing to dive deep into their past wounds and distortions. We can spend upwards of 80 hours with each individual praying through their lives before God. Prayer Resolution sessions cost $21,000 annually. In addition to doing sessions with participants, we prioritize training and continuing education for our Resolution Ministers. This cost us another $10,000/year.

Very few people are able to fully fund one of these programs, but they still want to give something significant and impactful. What does your money accomplish and support when you give to Immerse?

  • Many of our past and present Immerse Community members give $50/month. If every person who has been part of our Wednesday night community over the years gave $50/month, we would have our entire program budget covered. It may not seem like a significant contribution, but $50/month adds up quickly, making these partnerships the bedrock of our financial stability.

  • Some have expressed interest in partnering on a larger scale. Giving $150/month would fully fund a three-hour session of Prayer Resolution for someone who otherwise would be unable to meet the recommended donation of $50/hour. I hear of people who turn down the opportunity to do Prayer Resolution sessions because they can’t give anything in return on a regular basis. Those who are able to give $150/month are actively removing those obstacles and opening up paths to freedom and healing.

  • We have had a few people whose margin has allowed them to give upwards of $700-$1,500/month to Immerse. A single person giving $600/month would be covering our entire Group Mentoring program expense. $1,500/month would fully fund our Wednesday night community. Those who are able to give $1,750/month would cover expenses for all of our Prayer Resolution sessions for the year, and another $820/moth would meet the full extent of our Prayer Resolution training needs.

I am an slow-growth kind-of-guy. When I remodeled 100-year-old houses in North Minneapolis I was amazed at how strong the framing material was! Old-growth trees are much more dense, solid, and strong than the steroid-grown lumber you will find at Home Depot today. Immerse is devoted to slow, steady investment in those few God sends our way. We know the long-term impact couldn’t be greater. We have experienced it ourselves and are thrilled to help others experience the same thing in generations to come.