I love spring. 

I mean, really. What’s not to love about it? There’s so much green! And orange – wait, did I just say orange? (Sigh) I guess that makes sense, because spring in Minnesota also brings one of the things I’m much less passionate about – road construction. I get a few days of being thrilled about the warm weather before orange signs and traffic cones begin popping up everywhere. 

Lately I was thinking how it doesn’t feel that different than some processes for spiritual growth, really. The rebuilding. Maybe some of this awareness comes from being part of a community that is deeply invested in healing the heart. It’s something we focus on a lot - challenging long-held beliefs, uprooting lies, and planting truths in their place. The process is painful sometimes. But the result can be beautiful.  

Change definitely has a way of uprooting heart things. The safe becomes unstable. The known unfamiliar. The things you thought could never change (like the position of your mailbox) suddenly do as the peace of your normal world is suddenly disturbed by road closed signs. 

It can be easy to forget what it’s all for.  

That’s what I was thinking about while bumping over my recently graveled road next to my apartment today. How, in the midst of construction, there’s always a time where what’s being brought forth isn’t clear. You drive by a really deep hole and wonder what on earth it’s for. I do that all of the time. 

I’ve been sensing this more with issues of the heart - the subtle frustration that creeps in when the solution isn’t obvious and the purpose isn’t clear. I’ve talked to some dear friends recently who are going through something similar. We’re all yearning for stability, for something good around the next bend. 

But right now we’re left staring at the mysterious holes and trying to find a new normal when so many things feel up in the air. 

Welcome to the rebuilding. 

I don’t think roads are the only things being reconstructed around here. 

If you’re in a similar season, where things are being torn down and you aren’t sure what’s being reformed, my wish for you is that your heart would be filled with hope. Beautiful things can come from hard places. 

This season may be uncomfortable. But seasons change. Hang in there.

I think I see something new being born.