If you haven’t read the blog “Grow as slow as possible,” check it out here. How does that model work in the financial realm? If we are intent on growing slowly for the purpose of long-term strength, resilience, and sustainability, our financial systems must match that ideal. That means we can’t depend too much on spontaneous or one-time gifts. We would love to have hundreds of small-to-medium donors that are committed to long-term, slow growth of the people we help, as well as the organization as a whole.

The good news:

  • Three-fourths of our donations in 2017 were recurring. That means most of our donations are reliable, predictable, and consistent. This is super great for long-term sustainability and future planning.

  • Our recurring donations have gone up 138% from Quarter 1 to Quarter 3 just this year! We are definitely going in the right direction.

  • Most of our donors are people who have been directly impacted by Immerse. This means they have tasted something really good and are more likely to continue to support Immerse even if they are no longer involved. They become “alumni” (so-to-speak) who believe in, endorse, and sustain the ministry even as they move on.

Room for growth:

  • Nearly 40% of the total recurring donation amount is coming from one individual who apparently REALLY believes in us. The risk is that if this one individual’s financial situation changes we could be really hard-put. We would rather have 20 people giving medium amounts than 1 person giving a large sum (while, at the same time, we are profoundly grateful and encouraged by these large donations).

What you can do:

  • Start donating a small, monthly amount. Many people find $50/month a good starting point.

  • Consider increasing your monthly gift from $50 to $150. We are looking for 10 new or increased donors by the end of December 2017.

  • If you have been impacted by Immerse, talk to people who care about you and tell them your story. Tell them what you have found through the ministry of Immerse and tell them why you support what’s happening here.

  • Pledge matching funds for our year-end campaign. Email Nate if you would like to help motivate people to give to Immerse. People are more likely to give if their money has the potential of being doubled.

Give to the Max Day, Nov. 16th:

  • Minnesota is renowned for being a very generous and charitable state. Campaigns like Give to the Max Day (https://givemn.org/) are wonderful ways to connect people to the charities and ministries that they love.

  • Between Nov. 1st-15th, they randomly add $500/day to one lucky donor’s gift. On Nov. 16th (Give to the Max Day), they will add $1,000 every hour to one donor’s gift. So please spread the word and donate through Nov. 16th to give Immerse a shot at bonus bucks!